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It's gotta be a Wind-Up!
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ComCom(c), the innovative compatible communications company, announces the launch of its hand-cranked mobile phone charger, the Wind-up, available at most branches of the Carphone Warehouse and from its online site, priced at ?9.99.

The solution for many frustrated mobile phone users - the lightweight yet robust Wind-up enables users to recharge their phone by simply winding up the charger unit giving instant power. A few minutes of winding gives you up to ten minutes talk time or around 120 minutes standby. (Phone model and battery dependent). No extra batteries or plug in power-sources are needed.

The Wind-up is ideal for anyone on the move without access to a power-source and could prove invaluable in an emergency when a vital phone call needs to be made.

"The Wind-up does exactly what it says on the packet - Wind it up and it'll recharge a flat mobile phone battery," said Gary Murgatroyd, ComCom's sales director, " And for only ?9.99, no-one need ever be caught without power."

"Wind-up does away with the fear of flat batteries and will prove a boon to travellers, sportspeople, and salespersons. Measuring just 11 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm, ComCom's charger fits snugly into your pocket, rucksack or beach bag. It is compatible with most popular phones including Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson (other model compatibility available on request). 

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